See this moving portrayal of Bobby in "RFK" Nov 4th- Nov 13th! And join us for our Opening Night party! Order your tickets today!!
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Spirits and Spirits Masquerade Ball: October 29, 2016

Theatre of Magic


Be prepared to be amazed, entertained and mystified as the Players Guild presents THEATRE OF MAGIC, an evening of unbelievable magic and illusion!  Angela Funovits, a world-reknowned mentalist and sleight of hand artist, who was featured on the NBC hit television show PHENOMENON, is teaming up with the Guild’s own Artistic Director and magician, Joshua Erichsen, to present an original show of mysteries right before your very eyes.  Witness a mid-air escape from a straightjacket with little time to spare as the rope suspending Josh is set aflame!  Watch in disbelief as Angela puts a modern twist on the classic bullet catch illusion and catches a signed paintball in her teeth!  Be shocked as Angela and Josh both vanish in the blink of an eye!  Don’t miss out on this spectacle; get your tickets now before they disappear!  




Featuring Angela Funovits and Joshua Erichsen