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A Christmas Carol

A Christmas Carol


Canton’s beloved and spectacular holiday tradition returns! Dickens’ ghostly story of Ebenezer Scrooge and the emotional journey towards his redemption is told through soulstirring melodies and a soaring score. Elaborate sets and lavish costumes will transport you back to Victorian London as Dickens’ tale fills you with the spirit of Christmas.

All new this season, "All Access" events. Find out about how you can join in the excitement of taking a backstage tour led by "Ebenezer Scrooge" himself!

Cast List

Ebeneezer Scrooge - Don Jones
Bob Cratchit - Matthew Horning
Bob Cratchit (understudy) - Walter Shepard
Fred - Chad Burgert
Tiny Tim - Gabe Scott

Young Ebeneezer - Chad Burgert
Belle / Elizabeth - Emily Schrader
Ghost of Christmas Past / Mrs. Cratchit - Michele Chaho
Ghost of Christmas Present - Austin Gantz
Ghost of Christmas Yet To Come - Liam Roth
Jacob Marley / Old Joe - Tom Bryant

Dick Wilkins - Wes Morales
Collecting Man # 1 - Jaime Stabile
Collecting Man # 2 / Topper - Gregory Rininger
Collecting Man # 3 / Mr. Fezziwig - Scotland Gallo
Mrs. Fezziwig - Jennifer Anderson
Bessie Fezziwig / Clara - Jessica Marshall
Rogue Soloist - Taylor Scott
Cora - Brittany Dollinar
Mrs. Dilber - Janet Jones
Molly - Linda Teis
Martha Cratchit - Andrea Hartman
Belinda Cratchit - Savannah Smith
Sarah Cratchit / Want - Karsen Bratton
Fan - Libby DiLauro
Boy Scrooge / Ignorance / Turkey Boy - Ruben Raines
Peter Cratchit - Alex Derlich

Ensemble / Citizen of London - Tara Shooks
Ensemble / Citizen of London - Hannah Norton
Ensemble / Citizen of London - Malissa Storsin
Ensemble / Citizen of London - Juchelle Jewell
Ensemble / Citizen of London - Anaisha Hardy
Ensemble / Citizen of London - Melody Rexrode

Broom Dancers:

  • Jessica Marshall
  • Serena Fromino
  • Wes Morales
  • Brittany Dollinar
  • Chad Burgert
  • Michele Chaho