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Memphis: August 11 - September 12, 2017


So you want to be on stage?

Then come and join us for one of our auditions this season! The information below will be updated regularly with dates and times for both initial auditions and callbacks. And as we get closer, we'll also give you a sense of what you need to prepare - either a monologue or a short piece of music or some special skills that only you possess. We'll try to provide a list of roles that are available, so you know if there's something in the cast that's right for you, but it's always a good idea to read the play or listen to the soundtrack as well. Regardless, always bring a headshot or photograph of yourself, along with a theatrical resume, if you have one.  (please note, headshots and resumes become the property of the Players Guild Theatre and will not be returned).




Producing Artistic Director: Joshua Erichsen

Director: Jon Tisevich

Choreographer: Michael Lawrence Akers

Music Director Steve Parsons

MEMPHIS: Winner of four Tony Awards® including Best Musical, Best Score, Best Book and Best Orchestrations.  Based on actual events, MEMPHIS takes place in the underground clubs, radio stations, and recording studios of the segregated 50’s, where a young white DJ named Huey Calhoun falls in love with rock and roll and an electrifying African American singer Felicia Farrell. MEMPHIS paints a gritty and honest picture of the racial tension and cultural revolution that erupted when his vision met her voice, and the music that changed forever. Filled with high-octane dancing, songs that perfectly capture the era, and an absorbing and emotional tale of fame and forbidden love.

Rehearsals begin Sunday, July 2nd and will be held Sundays – Thursdays 6:30-10:30pm 

The production is scheduled to open August 11th and will run through Sept 3rd; with performances on Fridays & Saturdays @ 8:00PM and Sundays @ 2:00PM.

DIVERSE AND NON-TRADITIONAL CASTING WILL BE CONSIDERED FOR ALL ROLES. Please see the character breakdown below for a full list of the roles available.

(1) PAID role available. 

Please prepare 32 bars of a musical theatre song that best shows off your vocal ability.  Please bring sheet music in the appropriate key. An accompanist will be provided.  In addition, please bring a current photo or headshot and resume if available. 

Auditions are by appointment only. 

Time slots available are as follows:  Sunday, June 25th – 4p, 4:30p, 5p, 5:30p, 6p and Monday, June 26th – 6:30p, 7p, 7:30p, 8p, 8:30p

Dance callbacks will be held on Tuesday, June 27th and principal callbacks will be Wednesday, June 28th.   

**Please make an appointment for an audition time by filling out the online audition form HERE

If you have any questions, please contact: jontisevich@yahoo.com. 

Character Breakdown/Roles Available:

Delray Jones (PAID ROLE)*: African American male, 30s-50s; Felicia’s older brother who owns the club on Beale Street where she sings; powerful, cautious, protective, and aware of the dangerous realities of the segregation that exists in Memphis and the world beyond; vocal range: baritenor with a great pop/rock/R&B voice, Bb2-Bb4. *$400 stipend for the rehearsal period and all performances (12). 

Gladys “Mama” Calhoun: Caucasian female, 40s-60s; excellent actor with comic skills; Huey’s stern, traditional blue-collar, southern mother who has worked her entire life to be able to support herself and her son, whom she loves, but about whom she constantly worries; vocal range: strong singer with alto-belt mix, B3-A5.

Gator: African American male, mid 20s-40s; works as a bartender at Delray’s, hasn’t spoken since age five, when he saw his father killed; as the story progresses, he finds his voice again, must be an excellent actor and singer and move well, comic timing a plus; vocal range: great R&B; baritenor, F#3-A4.

Bobby: African American male, mid 20s-40s; the janitor at Mr. Simmons’s radio station, full of personality and heart, role requires an actor who must dance well, as the character has a dance break in his show-stopping number “Big Love,” comic skills a plus; vocal range: great gospel voice, G3-C5.

Mr. Simmons, Caucasian male, 30s-60s; the conservative owner of the radio station where Huey gets his start; a strong, southern, commanding businessman who becomes willing to take a chance on Huey when he realizes the audience Huey reaches and the money he can command; great actor who is comfortable singing.

Supporting & Ensemble Roles (Actors will play multiple roles):

Mr. Collins: Caucasian Male, 30s-50s; ‘Whites Only’ Department Store owner. Strong actor. Plays multiple role.Gordon Grant: Caucasian Male, 30s-50s; Record label executive.  Strong actor.  Plays multiple role.

Wailin’ Joe: African American male, 20s-40s; Wild rhythm & blues singer, sings "Scratch My Itch" and is featured in both Act One and Act Two; must also dance very well.  Plays multiple role.

Reverend Calvin Hobson: African American Male, late 20s-40s; good natured Reverend of First Baptist Church.  Strong singer and actor. Plays multiple role.

Buck Wiley: Caucasian Male 20s-40s; exceedingly white ‘good ole’ boy’ DJ at WHDZ. Strong comedic actor.  Plays multiple role.

Martin Holton: Caucasian Male, 20s-40s; New York City television executive. Strong Actor.  Plays multiple role.

Perry Como: Caucasian Male, 20s-30s; sings Summer Heart solo as ‘Perry Como’.  Strong singer. Plays multiple role.

Frank Dryer: Caucasian Male, 20s-30s; Owner of Dryer’s Grocery Store.  Strong actor. Plays multiple role.

Back Up Singers, Saturday Night Trio, African American DJ, Beale Street Ensemble: African American Males & Females 16-40s; Excellent singers & dancers with great R&B/rock voices. For females, Double Dutch jump rope skills a plus. Partnering, tumbling & comic skills a plus for all. 

Caucasian DJ, Father, Mother, Teenager, Station Managers, Main Street Ensemble: Caucasian Males & Females 16-40s; Excellent singers & dancers with great pop/rock voices.  For females, Double Dutch jump rope skills a plus. Partnering, tumbling & comic skills a plus for all. 

The Players Guild Theatre is located at 1001 Market Ave N, Canton, Ohio 44702.