Please join us for a hauntingly good time on Saturday, October 21st for our second annual "Spirits & Spirits" Halloween Ball!
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2nd Annual Spirits & Spirits Masquerade Ball: October 21

Legally Blonde the Musical

The Hollywood blockbuster turned awardwinning musical follows the fashion-savvy Beverly Hills Sorority star, Elle Woods, who doesn’t take “no” for an answer. So when her boyfriend dumps her for someone “serious,” Elle puts down the credit card and shopping bags, hits the books, and sets out to go where no Delta Nu has gone before: Harvard Law School! Along the way, Elle proves that being true to yourself never goes out of style! This singing, dancing, fun-filled musical will make everyone want to “go blonde” this fall!



Cas‚Äčt List

Elle – Taylor Scott
Paulette – Lisa Belopotosky-Knight
Brooke – Brittany Dolinar
Vivienne – Amanda Layman
Enid – Klara Alexandra Butman

The Delta Nus

  • Serena (WYW/Prisoner) – Sarah Karam
  • Margot (WYW/Prisoner) – Amanda Medley
  • Pilar (WYW/Prisoner) – Ruby Myles
  • Kate (Prisoner) – Kelly Edington
  • Gaelen (WYW/Chutney) – Courtney Rininger
  • Leilani (WYW/Prisoner/Stenographer) – Kristie Galloway
  • Madison (WYW/Exerciser/Prisoner/DA Joyce Riley) – Amanda Jacobson
  • Olivia (WYW/Prisoner) – Kaitlin Boyle

Courtney / Elle’s Mom – Terry Everett
Store Manager / Salon Cashier / Judge – Trisha Joy Fites
Whitney / Bookish Client /H&H Salesgirl – Tara Shooks
Law Student / Kiki / Exerciser / Prisoner / Perfume Girl – Mary Vaccani
Emmett – Scott Miesse

Warner – Wes Morales
Callahan – David Everett
Dewey / Kyle – Gregory Rininger
Padamadan / Nikos – Jaime Stabile
Aaron / Frat Boy / H and H Customer – Richard Lawrence
Lowell / Elle’s Dad / TV Reporter – John Scavelli
Pforzheimer / Gay Hairdresser / Exerciser / Carlos – Michael Ritzert
Winthrop / Guard / H and H Manager – Adam J. Ford
Grandmaster Chad / Frat Boy / Band Member / Law Student – Michael Laymon
Frat Boy / Band Member / Law Student – Patrick Johnson
Frat Boy / Band Member / Law Student / Tailor – Austin Gantz