For those of you with remaining flex tickets and GHOST and MATILDA tickets, they will be honored next season. Thank you so much for your continued support. Take care and we'll see you soon.

Access2Arts Form

The Players Guild Theatre has established a scholarship fund, known as Access2Arts, to provide free tickets to local youth who could not otherwise afford to attend a live theatre event. Contributions from generous individuals like you allow us to provide tickets to economically disadvantaged children through local community service organizations and Title 1 schools who distribute the scholarship tickets to qualified children.


Experiencing the performing arts is about much more than being entertained. The arts have the power to teach, inspire, and truly make a difference in the lives of individuals of all ages and backgrounds. Research shows that children who are engaged in the arts do better in school and are more involved in their communities. They also have higher academic performance and lower drop-out rates than students not involved in the arts.

Using the form below, you may donate tickets at $15 each.

We double your donation!

The Players Guild matches every dollar that you give for access2arts!

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