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Titanic: The Musical

May 17 - June 2, 2019

Titanic: The Musical


Come aboard the ship of dreams in this heart-stopping ride through the final moments of Titanic’s fateful journey. Based on actual characters aboard the most legendary ship in the world, TITANIC THE MUSICAL is a stunning and stirring production focusing on the hopes, dreams and aspirations of her passengers and the adventures that they seek.

Cast List 


Captain Smith – JIM GRAYSMITH

J Bruce Ismay – TODD COOPER


Edgar Beane – ALLEN CRUZ

Caroline Neville/3rd Class Passenger – SARAH MARIE YOUNG

Charles Clark/3rd Class Passenger – ANDREW BOLDEN

Barrett/1st & 3rd Class Passenger– SEAN FLEMING

Bride/1st & 3rd Class Passenger – MICHAEL JEFFREY LUCAS

Fleet/Guggenheim/3rd Class Passenger – MATTHEW HEPPE

Kate McGowan/1st Class Passenger  – KAELIN CURRAN

Kate Mullins/1st Class Passenger – ALEXIS WILSON

Kate Murphey/1st Class Passenger – MORGAN BROWN

Jim Farrell/4th Officer Boxhall/1st Class Passenger  – JOSH BUDD 

Henry Etches/JJ Astor – PHIL FORMES


Isidor Straus – TOM SMITH

1st Officer Murdoch – JORDAN POTTER

2nd Officer Lightoller – BEN ARRINGTON

3rd Officer Pitman/Wallace Hartley –DYLAN BERKSHIRE

Quatermaster Hitchens/Joseph Bell/John Thayer – MICHAEL BURKE

Madeleine Astor/Stewardess/3rd Class Passenger – BRIANNA SWINFORD

Mme. Aubert/Stewardess/3rd Class Passenger – JENNA GIBSON

Charlotte Cardoza/Stewardess/3rd Class Passenger – ANNA MARMADUKE

Marian Thayer/Stewardess/3rd Class Passenger - JENNA KRIVOSH

Bellboy/Jack Thayer/3rd Class Passenger – KOSTA VOLAS


Story and Book by Peter Stone
Music and Lyrics by Maury Yeston